Why Every Child Should Own A Robert Sabuda Pop-Up Book

If you do not know who Robert Sabuda is, you are missing out on feeling that childhood awe and fascination once again.  Everytime I share one of his books with my students, and adults as well, I see their eyes get large and their mouths hang open.  To call his books 'pop-up books' is kind of like calling the Golden Gate Bridge just a bridge...yes it is one, but that hardly does it justice when you see it in person.

Robert Sabuda is considered a paper engineer, which seems to be fitting given that he designs very intricate pop-ups out of many different types of paper, and often lets others do the story and illustrations.  Of all of his pop-up books, I would have to say that Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz are the two that I (as well as my students) find to be the most amazing.

I heard Mr. Sabuda speak once on the Today Show, and he told Katie Couric that the final page of this book took him one year to complete.  When I saw the book, I could understand why.  This page shows Alice standing underneath a rainbow of playing cards that extends about 10 inches out of the book! The cards are facing all different directions, and he even said that he made sure each card within the deck was represented.