Have A Reading Question? Ask A Reading Specialist.

Hi everyone! I am encouraging you all to post any reading questions, concerns, comments or stories you may have related to any reading issues you yourself, your child, or student is facing. 

I want to hear what YOU have to say, and help answer any questions you may have so that you (or your child, student) can be a successful reader!


  1. Ok, I'll start by sharing a story about one technique I like to use with my students.
    I find that while teaching phonics it is best to use as many modes of learning as possible.
    So, when I show a letter card (let's say letter A), the card shows the letter in capital and lowercase, and a picture of something that starts with A (apple). This covers all my visual learners.
    I also say a chant while pointing to the card: "A is for apple /a/ /a/." This covers all my auditory learners.
    As I am chanting I am also using American Sign Language to sign the word apple. This covers all my kinesthetic learners.
    Lastly, I have the students point to the letter card in front of them that corresponds to mine. This covers all my tactile learners.
    *I hope to add a podcast soon of this in action! Check back for it :)

  2. I have a student who reverses the order of words in a sentence. For example, a sentence that says..."We went to the store to buy eggs, milk, and bread" would be read "We store went to the eggs, milk, and to buy the bread." When I read it back to him-his way- he doesn't seem to hear that it doesn't sound right. What interventions does this child need?? Please help! Thanks.

    1. Anonymous,
      I have to be honest...that type or scenario is a RED FLAG. I would suggest a screening from a specialist.


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