Lakeshore Products I Am Using Right Now For My Early Reader

This first product from Lakeshore Learning is the Word Detective Slider.  These cards are fantastic because they have 3-letter consonant-vowel-consonant words that can be sounded out by your reader on his/her own.  It also helps with the various colors to distinguish between the beginning sound, vowel sound in the middle, and ending sound.  It comes with a sheet of directions, and is easy enough for your reader to do on their own.
The second product I am using is the Phonics Word Builder Card Library and a pocket chart.  I really like this particular card library for many reasons:
  • It contains every consonant, vowel, blend and digraph in English
  • It has multiples of every letter so you can make most words
  • It has a different color for every skill (vowels are red, etc)
  • The letters are printed in ball-and-stick which is used now in most schools
  • They are on sturdy card stock and just the right size for a pocket chart
These letter are really good for building your own words, or for teaching your child to read if you are not sure where to start.  I suggest starting with teaching CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words that have the short vowel sound in the middle (like cat, sip, cup, etc.).  Once those skills are mastered you can move on.  I suggest reading my post on My Kid Knows Phonics, Now What? for ideas of what skills to teach next.


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  2. Interesting post! I used a phonics based method and taught both of my children to read starting at about age 3 and half. It is good to see that others are encouraging early reading.


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