My Little Boy Is Reading! How I Knew He Was Ready

So it is official, my almost 4-year old son LoLo is reading (he will be 4 in March)! He can read the words the, and, a, and is from sight recognition as well as sound out any consonant-vowel-consonant word I give him (if it has a short vowel sound).  This is showing that he is in the very early stage of reading.  What is great is that he is enthusiastic and really wants to practice reading!

Given that I am a Reading Specialist, you might think that I was pushing him to learn; however, over the years that I have been teaching, I know that you can not teach a child to read who is not READY to learn.  There are many different signs to look for to see if your child (or student) is ready to read.  Here are the signs I looked for and saw in my son:
  • Has a strong desire to read
  • Has a knowledge that all oral words can be written, and that written words can be spoken
  • Knows the names AND sounds of all the letters in the alphabet
  • Has a strong desire to read by himself
  • Has the ability to rhyme and enjoys rhyming words on his own


  1. This is great information. My twins are almost 3.5. I'm going to keep these in mind as they move toward reading. We love books so much and we are enjoying the process of learning in our lives. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

    Following you back from MBC.


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