Teaching Reading? This Website Is A Must!

I remember the first day I became a teacher like it was yesterday.  Years of preparation, a masters degree, and a year spent subbing, and still I felt like I was completely incompetent!  My position title was Language Arts Specialist, and as such I should have the knowledge or "speciality" of knowing every aspect about Language Arts right?  Wrong! Nothing you can learn in the classroom can ever prepare you for the actuality of teaching it to real students.  So I decided to take it slow and just do baby steps.  I thought about all the "stuff" I had learned and how I was supposed to "apply" it and...I kept hitting a blank wall!  I talked to other teachers (who were very helpful), I practiced with real students, and I began to see what path to take; however, the light didn't click until about a few weeks into my teaching career.  The big change...a website.

A teacher at my school recommended that I look at a website which was created by another Language Arts Specialist who used to teach in my district (though I was not told that at the time).  Her name is Cherry Carl, and her website Carl's Corner was my savior!  It had all the materials I needed, but didn't know I needed.  If that makes any sense!  It starts at the very beginning with activities and worksheets for pre-readers, has materials for early readers, and some for more fluent readers as well.  Honestly, there are so many materials for you to reproduce from her site that I can hardly mention them all.

I think that every parent could use the resources within her site, and best of all they WORK...and even better they are free!

Go check it out:


  1. Already follow this blog. Checked out Carl's Corner and it looks amazing. Thanks!

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