In-Class Assessments...You Should Get Copies

This post comes after my consultation session I had tonight.  It reminded me that many parents feel left in the dark when it comes to their child's performance in the classroom.  This parent was just told "your child is reading at a level 8 when he should be reading at a 16."  Nothing more than that! No, what an 8 means versus a 16.  No, he is reading at this level because of this-and-that.  No assessments were shown to him.  Nothing...hence he called me.

I decided to do this post for parents to let you know that it is your right (and sadly sometimes your obligation) to ask your child's teacher for copies of your child's assessments.  I would like to HOPE that your child's teacher is doing constant assessments throughout the year to see if what they are teaching is sinking in; however, that is not always the case. Most importantly though, the teacher should be assessing to see if they need to CHANGE the way they are teaching your child. 

I would love to think that all teachers do these assessments, make sure they are sent home, and that you are always aware of the back to reality.  Not all teachers do this, and with that said you should ask your child's teacher for copies of assessments, even if you are not concerned with your child's academics.  Assessments are a good thing to have on hand so that you are always aware of how he is performing, as well as knowing that the teacher sees this performance and is teaching accordingly.


  1. I really wish your blog had been around when my son was in public school. We received copies of a few assessments but they would not sit down and explain what I needed to do differently, it was the blind leading the blind. Long story short, we now homeschool, my son still struggles with reading but he no longer HATES to read (he started refusing to even touch books because of school), he will become a proficient reader, just not on the time line that public school had. I am a new follower, I have two younger kids (one just starting to read CVC and work on sight words) so I'm excited to learn all I can to help them (maybe my son also).

  2. Len,
    I am glad that things are working out well for your older son now.
    I also have a son who is working on CVC words and sight words so there will be a lot more posts about that as well.
    Stay tuned!


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