Make Storytime More Beneficial

It is great that you take the time to read to your child, but if you are just reading the book aloud and showing him the pictures you really could be doing more.  Kids are sponges and they are always learning from you (even when you don't realize it). 

Here are a few quick tips to make reading time more beneficial in teaching your child how to become a reader (just pick a few to do each time):

-use your finger as you read to point below the words
-point out the front cover, back cover and spine of the book
-talk about the author and what he does
-talk about the illustrator and what he does
-have your child point to a word, a sentence, a paragraph
-have your child show you where to start reading
-if your book rhymes, leave off an obvious rhyming word and have your child fill in the blank
-have your child make predictions before, during, and after the story
-have your child tell you an alternate ending for the story
-have your child point out words they know (a, I, me, the, and, etc.)

What do you like to do when you read to your child? 


  1. I like your idea of leaving off the last rhyming word and asking my child to guess. If I feel creative, I'd like to give 3 choices of rhyming words.


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