Setting Up Your Word Wall

I have a little center set up in my son's room that we call his 'word wall.' Each night we spend about 15 minutes reviewing his words from our previous lessons, and learning a new one (which I add about every 3rd night). In order to start your own word wall, you will need to find some wide open wall space that is about eye level to your child.  Then set up a pocket chart.  I really like this one:

Note that it does NOT come with the pocket addition at the bottom.  I suggest you get this add on pocket to keep your letter cards in when teaching. Here it is:
The next thing you will need is to get a letter set that has all the consonants, vowels, digraphs, etc. that you will be teaching.  It is best (and easiest) to buy a set so that you have multiples of letters you will use most often, as well as to make sure you cover every phonetic skill.  Here is my favorite set from Lakeshore Learning:
I love how this set covers every phonics skill, and has each one in a different color.  Even if you don't point out that the vowels are red, and the digraphs are green, your child will still notice the differences and recognize them more as chunks which will help when blending.

Stay tuned for Part #2 in which I will tell you how to teach beginning reading skills to your child using your word wall.

*Thanks Norine for suggesting this post!