Personally Yours Books-Review and GIVEAWAY (Ends 4/29)

I remember when I was a child and how much I LOVED seeing my name in print! I guess I was a little more enthusiastic than most given that my first name is Ellery....and honestly, how often do you come across that one?!

My kids were so excited when we received a book from Personally Yours Books with Mickey on the cover, but the pure joy came as I began to read it.

Personally Yours Books creates personalized storybooks with your child's name, family/friends names, and your location in it.  It was fun to see that it had Mr. F's name on every page, and had references to LoLo, LaLa, and me as well.  Every time I would read the kids names aloud their mouths would drop open, then they would giggle.  It really helped to keep their attention for the whole story.

I like that the cover is hard and well made, though the pages are paper (so not appropriate for very little ones to handle).  The size is a little smaller than a traditional hard-back storybook, but I found that I liked that because it was more portable.  These books are really cute, and now is your chance to win your own!

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