Today's Reading Tip: Correct Way To Write Your Name

The title of this post may sound a little odd to you.  After all, you know that a name should be written with a capital first letter and lowercase for all of the following letters-but does your preschooler?

As your child begins to show an interest in writing her name, it is very important to have her learn that it should start with a capital letter only.  Many preschoolers like to write all of their letters in capitals; however, as a reading specialist I strongly discourage this.  When your child begins to develop an understanding that written symbols are words, and that words have meanings, they will come across many words that have capitals at the beginning-but NOT those that have all capitals!  Furthermore, your child probably already recognizes their name in print, and it does not have all capitals either (at least it should not).

Reading and writing are very much so inter-related, and thus should mirror each other.  I always suggest to teachers that they help to teach their students how to correctly write their names with only one capital at the beginning followed by lowercase letters.

HINT: If you have a preschooler who does write her name all in capitals, now is the time to work on correcting this behavior before she starts reading.  Have her find the letters in her name in magazines and cut them out and paste them in order (but the trick is to only find the first letter as a capital).  I often find many different L's for my son and have him choose the correct one to use for his name (only one is capital).


  1. Another tip that I have learned as a parent of a special needs child, teach lowercase letters FIRST and capitals second. When making any learning aid use lowercase. My son was taught uppercase first and REALLY struggled (still struggles) with being able to use uppercase and lowercase properly.

  2. Len,
    I have heard that tip worked well for others before too. Thanks for posting!


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