Today's Reading Tip: KWL Chart

If you are a teacher, you probably know that a KWL chart stands for "Know, Want To Know, and Learned."  If you are a parent, you might not be aware of the benefits of having your child keep a KWL chart for books that they are currently reading.  Here is an example of what a KWL Chart could look like:
Teachers like to use this chart to help students learn critical thinking skills which aid in reading comprehension.  I use these charts with any of my students who are reading chapter books.  It is difficult for students to stop and take the time to analyze the text, therefore, the use of a KWL Chart makes them formulate and organize the information they have read, what they feel will happen next, and what they still want to know.  KWL Charts work best for non-fiction books, but can also be used for fiction texts.