Today's Reading Tip: Onomatopoeia

First off, so sorry I did not post yesterday! Blogger decided to shut down for the entire day, so I took a mandatory break :) After a nice cocktail and an early bedtime, I am back rearing to go!
Today's post is about onomatopoeia (pronounced "on-O-mot-O-pee-uh").

Wikipedia defines this term as:
  • "a word that imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes."
  • For example, a cat says "meow," and a horn says "toot" (my kids seem to think that particular one is hilarious!).
Not only is the word onomatopoeia fun for kids to learn to say, but also what the term means is fun to say too! Preschoolers take a particular liking to making silly noises, and reading books with silly sounds, such as:

What I suggest is that next time you read a book similar to these ones, teach your child about the term onomatopoeia and what it means.  They will love the fact that they know many words that fall into this category, and also will love telling their friends and family the new "big word" they can say!

Disclosure: None.