Today's Reading Tip: Sing BINGO To Remember Names

In our house I help my kids learn how to remember names by singing the song B-I-N-G-O.  Of course this works best with 5 letter words, but can be adapted to work with others as well.  My son and daughter both have 5 letters in their names and we used this song to teach them at an early age (2.5) how to spell their names.  My youngest son has 4 letters in his name and we just sang the song by spelling his name and then adding in his name for the 5th letter (which works well since it is one syllable).

Other names that worked well for us:
  • Nonna (the kid's grandmother)
  • Poppa (kid's grandfather)
  • Daddy
  • Mommy
  • Brody (our dog)
  • Happy
  • Silly
  • Crazy
  • Clock
  • Dance
You can sing this song by using just the chorus, or for more fun add in your child's name:
  • "There was a Peter who had a word and Nonna was the word-o. N-O-N-N-A, N-O-N-N-A, N-O-N-N-A, and that's how you spell Nonna!"


  1. LOVE the tip, my five year old still can't spell her name (it is a long name), it will also help my two year old. I have been trying to find more learning songs and this will be great!!!

  2. Len,
    I use songs for everything since it worked so well for me as a child. I will keep that in mind as I write more posts! Thanks.


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