Today's Reading Tip: Make A Word Flip Book

Now that LoLo is really taking an interest in reading words he sees places I really want to give him more opportunities to be confident and succeed. After all, how can a child really feel good about reading when he is trying to sound out words like "cafeteria" and "selection?!" So, since he is only 4 and needed more encouragement to read words he could sound out I decided to make him a word Flip Book.

Here is what you will need:
-A 4x6 cheap photo album that holds at least 20 cards (I bought mine at the local $1 store, or the bin at Target)
-some BLANK 4x6 index cards
-a marker

Just write some sight words and simple 3-letter consonant-vowel-consonant words on them. Here is a great list with suggestions. These words will be easy for your little one to sound out and are great for teaching early reading techniques.