Today's Reading Tip: Play The Game Memory

Today's reading tip may sound a little odd to you, but let me tell you why playing the game Memory will help with learning to read.  Memory helps train your brain to remember locations of either pictures or words, which in turn helps with building visual connections within a given space (the playable area in this case).  Reading a book uses many of the same skills.  For reading you must learn to recognize parts of words (such as word families), read from left to right, and recognize paragraphs and sentences. All of these skills have to do with visual cues much like playing the game Memory.

So the next time you play Memory, think about all the things going on in your child's brain and how these connections are helping build visual memory which in turn will help him become a better reader.


  1. What a great tip! I think this will work for adults too, right!;) Nice to find you on VoiceBoks:)


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