Today's Reading Tip: Print Your Own Early Readers

Have you ever gone to the bookstore looking for very beginning reader books only to be disappointed?  Me to! Those Bob Books not only have extremely boring pictures, but also have incomplete sentences, unusual sentence structure, and periods at the end of phrases!  Seriously, they are this reading specialist's worst nightmare!  My suggestion would be to either make or print your own.
If you haven't been a My Reading reader for long, you might not know how much I love Cherry Carl's website Carl's Corner.  One site she also hosts is called  This site has a lot of little books that you can print at home.  I like to print them out and have the kids color them.  Then we go through with a highlighter and look for all of our "focus words" (usually sight words we are working on that day). has so many great resources, and even has series of books that connect to the Literacy Series by Scott Foresman (SF) which may be used within your child's school.
Happy Reading!