Little Sky Writers App: The Little Airplane That Teaches Writing And Phonics

Little Sky Writers by is a cute little app that any child, or airplane lover, will like.  It is the perfect app for young preschoolers who are learning to write, recognize letters, or phonics.  This app is available for the iPad and iPhone.  On the menu screen your little one will be able to pick which color plane he would like (red, blue, pink), and then you press the start button and your engine starts up!
You can choose to practice writing letters in capital or lowercase font.  My favorite feature of this app is that it shows a dot where the plane should start and stop writing the letter, and a 'track' that the plane should follow.  This teaches your child the correct way to write a letter.  Directionality is not often shown in similar apps, and as a Reading Specialist I have to say that I LOVE that they included this feature in Little Sky Writers.
As the plane follows the path it leaves behind puffs of smoke to show that the path was completed.  Such a cute feature.  What is even better is that it can not follow an incorrect path.  If your child tries to drag the plane on an incorrect path it will simply pull the plane back on track! A great feature for young kids with limited fine motor skills.

One feature that the kids found hysterical was the voice of the narrator.  As you trace the letters he says words and phrases that coordinate with the letter.  LoLo really liked the letter G which said "Gobble, Gobble is thought to be what a turkey says; however, he really says 'Hello, I am a Turkey'!"  Somehow this phrase just seemed to throw him into a fit of laughter every time...seriously, like 20 times!

This app is a great summertime activity to help your child learn writing and phonics skills for the upcoming year, or to review skills they need to perfect.  Check it out by going to your app store on your device, or iTunes and typing in 'Little Sky Writers.'