Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's Reading Tip: Keep Working This Summer-Here's Why

Every year as school starts back up I find that some of the same groups of students come back to see me for Language Arts support.  As always I find that these students did NOT continue to practice any of the skills I taught them over the summer, and therefore we usually have to back track about 4 months!

Now, imagine what your child would be like if you work with them this summer on keeping up with their reading skills! Obviously if you are reading this you care about your child's academics, but did you know that MOST children do not do any sort of academic work over the summer, and MOST are behind by 4 months upon entering school in the Fall?  So, I encourage you to have your kid be at the top of the class.  Even if your child was about average in his class last year, you now have the potential to have him entering the following year closer to the top portion.  So get working!  Only about 10-15 minutes a day is needed, but the key is consistency and focus!  You can keep it easy by buying a workbook for your child's grade level he will be entering, or you can go over all that work that the teachers sent home over the course of the previous year.  Good Luck...and remember teachers LOVE parents like you :)

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