Today's Reading Tip: Read The Walls!

I took LoLo out for an adventure the other day (aka The Mall) and decided that we would play little games with all the signs and words we saw out in public.  This is a great way to get him thinking more about how letters make up words, that words have meanings, and that words can be found anywhere.

Here are some of the things we read:
  • Menus in restaurant windows (he used pictures and the first letter of the word to figure them out)
  • Signs out front of stores advertising sales (he was excited to see words he knew "the," "and")
  • Push and Pull signs on doors (he learned the difference between these words "-sh" vs. "-ll")
  • Walmart coupon flyer at the door
  • Advertisements in store windows (I would have him look at the pictures to figure out what the ad was for, then show him to corresponding word)
So next time you are out, make reading the words around you a game!