Homeschool Helper

 What is a homeschool helper?

    A homeschool helper is someone who has experience in both babysitting and homeschool teaching but is not a qualified tutor.  The benefit of hiring a homeschool helper is that parents can take a day off from teaching and catch up on work or other items.  A homeschool helper charges less than a tutor hourly, offers a wide range of abilities from babysitting to lesson teaching, and is very engaging with all ages.  

Read below to meet a local homeschool helper in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Hi, I'm Samantha Allen. I'm an 18-year dual college & highschool student currently getting my high school diploma and AAOT simultaneously. I'm the second oldest of seven children in a mostly homeschooled family so I've had lots of experience helping children of all ages with a variety of different school subjects. I was also homeschooled all of my life, up until I started the dual high school/college program at 16. I love working with children and I can't wait to dive right into tutoring and helping families! Click below to schedule an appointment with me in Grants Pass, Oregon.