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My Reading Specialist Services
-Virtual Reading Assessments
-In person reading assessments (in the Grants Pass, OR area)
-Consulting for parents and/or educators

What is a Reading Assessment?
-A reading assessment is a series of tests administered by a fully credentialed Reading Specialist.  The test window usually is about an hour and the student being assessed will complete 7 or more tests depending upon level.

-After a reading assessment the parent/guardian will receive a full overview of the assessments through a verbal meeting and will also receive a full write-up of the assessment to share with teachers/tutors (usually within one week).

What does my consulting consist of?
1.  Consulting takes place after a Reading Assessment when dealing with a child whom a parent/guardian wishes to tutor

2.  Consulting consists of training for the educator, parent or caregiver, to deal with the reading-related problem or area of concern

3.  Post assessments are often helpful to see if the issue is resolved or needs further course of action
  • Is consulting the same as tutoring?
    No. Consulting is working WITH you to train YOU how to alleviate the area of concern for your child/student. 
  • How many visits does it usually take?
    Consulting usually consists of 2-3 visits.

Do I offer tutoring?
No: however, I do have a great data base of licensed and experiences teachers who are happy to offer tutoring either online or in person.

Am I qualified to be a consultant?
Yes. I am a certificated credentialed teacher for the state of California, have a Masters degree in education with an emphasis in reading, as well as certificated in reading by the state of California.  In addition, I was a Language Arts Specialist for a San Diego, California public school for 7+ years, as well as served as the organizer for the Student Study Team and administrator for all state testing.  I also owned and operated a homeschool co-op in Grants Pass, Oregon for two years (Applegate Learning Collective).

Do I endorse any products?
I only endorse products that I know work and have used in the past.  I am not affiliated with any company, brand, or group.  I have used countless programs and assessments over the years, and only currently use ones that I find produce results.

How much do I charge for consulting and assessments?
  • Consulting prices can vary depending upon whether the focus is for one child/one issue, or for a group who would like many different scenarios covered.  Please contact me via email with specific inquiries.
  • Reading assessments are $50 per child (discounts for siblings).  This includes the testing time, parent meetings, and full write-up.

Can I still receive services if I live outside of Grants Pass, Oregon?
Yes.  I offer reading assessments and consulting services either through person, webcam, or by phone (though not recommended in most situations).

Do you have additional questions? Post them here and I will answer them or contact me via email.

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