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Sunday, July 17, 2011

TouchyBooks Review and Giveaway: The Witch's Apprentice

It's that time again you lucky ducks! Today's review of the TouchyBooks story The Witch's Apprentice also has a giveaway in which 5 winners will get to pick the Touchybook story of their choice loaded directly on to their iPad or iPhone.  Only takes a few seconds to enter!

Today's book The Witch's Apprentice seems to fit in perfectly in today's world of Harry Potter and Twilight lovers (yes, I admit I am one of Edward in case you were wondering)!  This book though is geared more towards younger viewers (ages 12 and under) rather than tweens (anyone else getting tired of that word?).  The graphics are dark and spooky in overall appearance, though the little girl witch is more cutesy than evil.  She is training to be a witch and talks about all the steps and spells she must practice in order to achieve her goal.  I loved the large amount of interactive features that were really unique which included:
  • Dressing the witch in her proper attire (socks, hat, cape, etc)-kids LOVED this one
  • Reading magic cards (they are printed backwards and you must read them in a mirror-so creative!)
  • Reading magic words with the touch of a wand
  • Creating your own concoctions (thank you for using large vocabulary words)
  • Racing witches around on brooms through the sky
  • Practicing magic spells on the cat and turning her into....whatchamacallits!
  • Picture puzzles (the kids had fun mixing and matching animal parts)
  • Choosing different funny noses for our witch
This TouchyBook is definitely on our must-have list.  Now is your chance to win it (or another book of your choice).
5 people will win a TouchyBook of their choice.  Just complete at least the BOLD entry below, then complete optional entries for more chances to win!  If you have any problems entering using this Rafflecopter giveaway, please leave me a comment below.  Good luck!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Personally Yours Books-Review and GIVEAWAY (Ends 4/29)

I remember when I was a child and how much I LOVED seeing my name in print! I guess I was a little more enthusiastic than most given that my first name is Ellery....and honestly, how often do you come across that one?!

My kids were so excited when we received a book from Personally Yours Books with Mickey on the cover, but the pure joy came as I began to read it.

Personally Yours Books creates personalized storybooks with your child's name, family/friends names, and your location in it.  It was fun to see that it had Mr. F's name on every page, and had references to LoLo, LaLa, and me as well.  Every time I would read the kids names aloud their mouths would drop open, then they would giggle.  It really helped to keep their attention for the whole story.

I like that the cover is hard and well made, though the pages are paper (so not appropriate for very little ones to handle).  The size is a little smaller than a traditional hard-back storybook, but I found that I liked that because it was more portable.  These books are really cute, and now is your chance to win your own!

To enter the giveaway, visit 
by clicking HERE.