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Cats and Boxes- Purrfect Strategy Game For All

We had the best time testing out Cats & Boxes from Smart Games, and everyone from the 6yo to the 40-somthing year old enjoyed it! Thank goodness this game, like many of those from Smart Games, comes with various levels of play- because I needed Starter level and my 6yo needed Junior (yeah, his logic skills trump mine).

You start by choosing a challenge from the booklet based on the skill level you want to atempt. Then you place the cats and the 4 puzzle pieces with boxes on the game board as shown. Now you move the box pieces one by one until all the cats are sitting inside a box. The trick comes in that the cats can not be moved from their initial position and the boxes only fit in specific spaces on the board.

The end result is similar to this adorable image shown where cats are hiding in, and poking out of boxes.

Our family enjoyed it so much, and even the teenagers were laughing and engaged.

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