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Today's Reading Tip: Use Flashcards A New Way

When you hear the words "Flash Cards," you probably groan out loud. I know I still do. That is most likely because you grew up putting all types of things on flash cards and studied them with the "drill and kill method" (emphasis on the 'kill' part)! Well, I like to use flashcards with my students in different ways: Play the Memory Game: Make 2 cards for everything you are focusing on (ie: sight words). Lay them face down in a random order and play the memory game. Winner is the person to get the most matches. Play Smack It: I made this one up, and my students just love it. Put your flashcards face up on the floor and give each player a fly swatter. Shout out a word on a card and the first person to smack it gets a point (or you can remove the card to make it easier). Play Word Detective. Assign each student a word card (or a few if older players). This game works best with sight words (aka: high-frequency words). Have each detective find the word somewhere in the room. This game works great in a written word enriched environment. If you are playing at home you can open up books and lay them on the floor and have the detectives find them that way.


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