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Spice Up Read-Aloud: Cloze Game

As a parent, you want to make reading time with your child fun and engaging. One way to do this is by playing the cloze game while reading together. The cloze game is a simple yet effective way to help your child improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Here are some tips on how to play the cloze game while reading:

  1. Choose a Book

Choose a book that your child is interested in reading. It can be a picture book, a chapter book, or even a magazine article. The important thing is that your child enjoys the content of the book.

  1. Read Together

Read a sentence or a paragraph from the book aloud to your child. Then, ask your child to fill in the missing word or words in the sentence. For example, if you read "The cat chased the ____," your child might say "mouse."

  1. Gradually Increase Difficulty

Start with simple sentences and gradually increase the difficulty level. You can also adjust the difficulty level based on your child's reading level. For younger children, you can use picture books with simple sentences. For older children, you can use chapter books or articles with more complex sentences.

  1. Encourage Your Child

Encourage your child to guess the missing word even if they are unsure. Praise them for their efforts and help them if they need it. Remember, the goal is to make reading fun and engaging, not to make your child feel pressured.

  1. Switch Roles

Switch roles with your child and let them read the sentences while you fill in the missing words. This will not only help them develop their reading skills but also their critical thinking skills.

Playing the cloze game while reading is a great way to help your child develop their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. It's also a fun and engaging way to spend time together as a family. So, grab a book and start playing the cloze game today!

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